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Pascal van Heesch (1969) i
s a Dutch photographer who specialises in social documentary photography.  He usually produces work in series, so that the viewer can follow the story of ordinary people, often within their daily or work environment.

Pascal has undertaken several assignments in various countries in the developing world as well as in the West. His work has been seen in individual or group exhibitions as well as in international publications. He has also won an assortment of competitions and is Associated member of the Royal Photographic Society.

The website shows only a selection of Pascal's work. All work is available, with permission, for publication as well a limited number on archival quality prints. For more information please contact:

Pascal van Heesch 

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Photo: Pascal in Cuba

++31 6 108 747 90
Individual exhibitions

'Portfolio Latino Americano'
Gallery Objectief, Enschede, Netherlands, 2012
'Mineros de Bolivia'
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2010
CODA, Apeldoorn, Netherlands 2007
Bolivian Cultural, Cochabamba, Bolivia 2006
Martdora, Cochabamba, Bolivia 2006
Gallerie Fotoexpo202 Amersfoort, Netherlands, 2006
'Menselijke Ontmoetingen'
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005
'Working lives on the Indian Sub-Continent'
Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland, 2005
CODA, Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 2005
OBA, Roelof Hartplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004  
OBA, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2003
HES, Hoge School van Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2003  
'Gem mines of Sri Lanka'
HES, Hoge School van Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2001

Group exhibitions

'Tsernjobyl' as part of:
Breda Photo 2008, Netherlands 2008
Fotonationaal 2008, 8 different locations Netherlands 2008/2009
'Ukraine'as part of the satelite program of Noorderlicht Photography, Netherlands 2008
'Mineros de Bolivia' as part of
Fotofestival aan de maas, Fotomuseum Rotterdam, 2008
Asturias Documental Social, Spain 2008
Muestra Albacete Documental, Spain 2008
Photofestival Albacette 2007, Spain 2007
Atacama'as part of
Foto Nationaal 2007, 8 different locations Netherlands 2007/2008
'Wereldsteden' in conjunction with Kamerata
Scheltema trapgallerie, Amsterdam, 2006
'Zollverein'as part
 Foto Nationaal 2006, 12 different locations Netherlands 2006/2007
'Zollverein' in conjunction with Kamerata
OBA, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006
'The world is for ordinary people',  in conjuction with Janneke Leegstra
Galérie Restaurant Rios de Camaraos, Paris, 2005
St. Thomas Apostolic Gallery, Kottayam, India, 2005
'Uniform en Monnikskleed', in conjunction with Jaap Hijma
Gallerie de Ploeg, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2004

Photo: Jaap Hijma Opening Portfolio Latino Americano 2012

Photo: Miners at the opening in Bolivian Cultural 2006

Competitions and distinctions

'Convulsion from an earlier era' ARPS distinction RPS 2011
'Down and out in Medellin' BMK distinction BNAFV 2010
'Circus Apollo' Finalist of BJP end frame 2004

Publications (selection)

'Down and out in Medellin'
RPS Contemporary Group magazine nr. 49

'Convulsions from an earlier era'
RPS Contemporary Group magazine nr. 47
Cover 47

'Mineros de Bolivia'
Shots 92 (USA)
Camera Magazine (NL)
'Circus Apollo'
British Journal of Photography (UK)
Black and White Photography (UK)
Manege (CH)
de Piste (NL)
Pozytyw (PL)

Reviews (selection)

'Portofolio Latino Americano'
Opening speech by Peter van Tuyl (NL)
'Mineros de Bolivia'
Ravage (NL)
Focus (NL)
'Circus Apollo'
Fotografie (NL)

Mineros de Bolivia

A photo book on mining communities in Bolivia

Amsterdam, January 2009 - Pascal van Heesch presents his first book, Mineros de Bolivia. With impressive black and white pictures as his medium, he guides the viewer through the world of Bolivian mineworkers. The Bolivian publishing company Luna Llena is the book’s publisher. Renate Sun-Louw wrote the text, based on information collected by the photographer.

Bolivia has a long history of mining. The ground is rich in minerals: gold, silver, tin, lead, precious stones, gas. Bolivia could be the most prosperous country in South America. In reality, it is one of the continent’s poorest countries. Spanish domination, which lasted for centuries, and the political instability that followed have taken their toll. The ground has been plundered, but is not exhausted yet. At present, many Bolivians still work in the mining industry. Conditions are harsh. With a keen eye, Pascal van Heesch has recorded the miners’ hard life in all its facets: the underage boys who go to work in the mine for the first time; life in the mineworkers’ villages; the protests of pensioner miners who receive no pension; the contrast between large co-operatives and lonely adventurers.

Mineros de Bolivia is published by Juan Christobal Quiroga, editor of Luna Llena. Quiroga: "I think it’s important that the lives of Bolivian miners are recorded and shared, so that Bolivians and non-Bolivians can get a picture of the day-to-day reality of the workers."

Pascal van Heesch (1969) has specialised in social documentaries. He usually works on one subject for a long time. In doing so, he immerses himself in people’s day-to-day life and how they survive. The series Mineros de Bolivia has been exhibited in its entirety several times, in the Netherlands, Bolivia and Spain.

Distribution outside Bolivia is through the photographer himself.

Mineros de Bolivia

Photography: Pascal van Heesch

Text editing: Renate Sun-Louw

Publisher: Luna Llena

Price: € 15

Book 21 x 16 cm

Paperback 55 pages, 38 photos offset black/white

Text in Spanish and English

ISBN 978 99954 704 3 2

Also available: book including print. Buyers may choose a print from the book. The print is signed, limited and numbered 1 to 25 inclusive. A print is around 27 x 33 cm in passe-partout 40 x 50 cm. Total package, print and book: € 100.-.